4th of July

Happy 4th of July! Or Independence Day rather. Everyone can technically celebrate because it’s the 4th of July. We could even celebrate because it’s the 5th, or 6th, or…you get the idea.


Seeing as there isn’t much celebrating going on here (I wonder why!), it’s a day to hunt down or create your own celebration. This year, Independence Day landed on a Friday, which also happened to be a colleagues last day and leaving lunch. Convenient. The choice for lunch was Porky’s, an American style restaurant nearby the office.


As we arrive at the restaurant, the smell of ribs, burgers and pork fills the air, and Elvis can be heard playing in the background. Feels like home all over again! The decor inside consists of pictures of Elvis, Michael Jackson etc., there is American Flag bunting on the walls, and the tables slightly remind me of solid, as opposed to slotted, park tables. We’re guided to a table in the back, and menus are handed out. Those who were Porky’s veterans swore by the Porky burger and all but one person ended up ordering it. The lone deviant chose ribs though, for which he cannot be blamed at all.

The conversation was light throughout most of the meal, partially because nobody wanted to stop for air whilst scarfing down their food, but also because the music was way too loud. You car barely hear yourself think, let alone listen to someone else speak. If nothing else, I strengthened my lip-reading skills during our time there.

Remind me to comment on the service later on.

Porky's Menu

After work, the festivities continued. We went to the Steam and Rye nearby Bank/Monument station for the American Meetup, assuming there would be food available too. Boy were we wrong.


They were booked solid aside from the meetup going on. They did, however, have all sorts of festive drinks and popcorn. From a proper popcorn stand machine. YES!

Steam & Rye

Steam & Rye

One drink later, it was time to find some American food, and although I had already been, Joe had not, and so back to Porky’s it was!



We got there, and it was relatively quiet for a friday evening, but still a good crowd and atmosphere. This is where the service comment comes in. We ended up with the same waitress as we had at lunch. Granted lunchtime was busy, so the confusion and wait for drinks and food was understandable. But dinner? Notsomuch. We got our drinks right about the same time as the food. And it took even longer to get the bill at the end.


Mmm Ribs!

Overall though, it was a wonderful evening. Steam and Rye is on the list of places to return for food someday, whilst Porky’s makes the list for OK food, but likely not somewhere to return. There are too many other places calling our stomachs in and around London.

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