A Route 66 Christmas

Iconic Route 66. The drive everyone wants to make and so few ever complete. One of the original highways of the U.S. Highway system, and also known as the Main Street of America, Route 66 is home to hundreds of diner and restaurants that represent nearly every culture of America. I know you’re wondering why I’m talking about Rt. 66 when I should be talking about lunch in Berlin, but that’s precisely what I’m doing.

We always have our eyes open for interesting restaurants to go to, and being Christmas day, we didn’t expect much to be open. So as we walked to church that morning, we noted a few places that were open along the way so we could pick one to stop at on the way back. But as we arrived at the church, lo and behold, guess what was across the street? A Rt. 66 American 60’s diner. And it was OPEN! There was no decision left to be made. THAT was our place. THAT was going to be lunch after church. And it was tough waiting for the service to end knowing that we were going there afterwards. It’s like the adult version of waiting for Santa to come.

Walking up to the restaurant, there’s an old Cadillac El Dorado parked out front, and the building is covered in chrome with a flourescent lighted sign. Inside the walls were covered with 60’s memorbelia, there is a singing statue of Elvis on the bar, and each booth has a jukebox. We’re greeted by a man with pitch black hair and a style you could only imagine being from the movie Grease. He fit the role perfectly.

The theme is continued in the menu, and as we open it we’re greeted with more American style food choices than one could ever imagine having in one place.The food offered at Route 66 ranges everywhere from quesadillas to burgers, pizza to ribs, and more. The menu was longer than that I’ve seen in a long time, and we’ve been to a lot of restaurants over the past year. In keeping with true American Tex-Mex style, the order of the day was Nachos and a double burger. Although they looked delicious, the nachos left much to be desired, although this could be due to our extensive experience with proper US-style nachos. They had all the right toppings, but as we’ve seen throughout europe, nachos here tend to be heavy on the crisps, light on the toppings.

The burger, on the other hand, certainly met expectations, and possibly exceeded them but I hesitate to go that far. Smothered in sauce and cheese, it was a gooey delight. The crisps alongside the burger were also alright, but nothing special per se.

The only real downfall to the place, which was almost certainly due to it being Christmas, was the service. There was the man who greeted us and appeared to be working the bar, and one lone waitress who was left juggling the tables around the floor. And with this being one of the only places open, and directly across the street from the church, they were busy. By no means full, but for only two people to manage, they had too many customers and the service was slow. Given the situation, they did quite a good job at making sure everyone was tended to, even if it took longer than usual.

I hear this restaurant has multiple locations too. Sounds like our travel plans have been made for us coming up.