A Take on French Toast

The whisky was flowing a bit too fluidly (no pun intended) last night and this morning meant a bit of recovery. Any normal person would call for take-away or go to a diner, but us? No, we grin and bear it, cooking through the pain.

Pancakes were the desired option, but as many of us know, probably not the best choice. We had stopped at the shop last night and picked up a few things, so I decided to go with a happy medium that incorporated the sweetness and syrup of pancakes with protein to help with the alcohol recovery.

The answer? Stuffed french toast. Some eggs and meat for protein with sugar and syrup to satisfy the sweet tooth.

It was so simple too! We had some chilli sausages and jalapeƱos to make a savoury frenchie, and some jam and mashed banana for the sweet one.

To make the sausage one, I cooked the sausage and chopped it up with the jalapeƱos, dipped the bread in the egg, stuck the sausage mixture in between the two slices, and let it cook. Pretty straightforward, and it gave me time to make the filling for the next one while it cooked.

For the sweet filled french bread, I mixed a frozen banana, strawberry jam, and some syrup together to make a sort of a compote. For this one, due to the nature of the filling, I placed it between the bread slices first and then dipped the entire sandwich in the egg before placing it in the pan to cook.

To top, I used the leftover filling on the sweet frenchie and topped both with some additional syrup before serving. Now where can you for made-to-order french toast like this? Totally worth staying home for!