All You Can Eat Ribs

The words, “All You Can Eat Ribs” to men is the equivalent as “I Love You” to women.  Is it weird that when Bri told me that she booked all you can eat ribs for me, that my heart skipped a beat?  I don’t know if I was more excited that I found someone that knew me so well, or that I had all the ribs that I could process coming my way.  It was 23Dec and there I sat, like a kid on Christmas morning hoping that all his prayers would be answered.  I was skeptical, given the price of 21 Euro.  Was this experience going to be like the Lonestar disappointments of days past?  Would the staff take their sweet time bringingout the additional racks in management hopes of my growing impatience would result in early departure?  Wold the ribs be too fatty, too tough, over seasoned, undercooked?  No to all.  The robs were perfectly cooked, and the wait staff seemed eager to keep me going, even suggesting different types for my 2nd and 3rd round of 1.5 slab portions.  My favourite had to be the Texas Hot Chilli Ribs, the last of my servings.  Beyond being a bit greasy, they were simply magnificent, satisfying my need of balancing taste and heat.  

There was one downside to the establishment, however it is a downside of most of Berlin.  The prices of pop were ludicrous.  400mL of Diet Coke was 3.50 Euro – of course with no free refills.  For some reason, this is what fountain drinks cost.  If you go to a local store, you can buy a 2 Litre for 1 Euro.  This saddened me, but in no way put a damper on my rib festivities.