Amsterdam pt. 2

IMG_6297Our first full day in Amsterdam and the weather is gorgeous!! About 22C (72F), sunny and calm. It doesn’t get much better than this. We decided that today was going to be a day for walking around the city and seeing what we came across. First stop? Breakfast!

We found two places this morning- one, a Spanish tapas restaurant where we got a chicken-soup like dish, although it claimed to be chicken with Spanish sauce. It was good, but certainly not filling, so we made our way on found a corner cafe with omelettes and settled there for a second breakfast.

Filled up, we continued on walking up and down the side streets and canal ways. We came across an old Mercury Colony Park station wagon, which is hard enough to find in the US, let alone Europe! And a motorbike with a sidecar. This country is awesome…

The houseboats on the canals were numerous, and much different from those you find in London. They’re larger and more “homely” looking. Many even look quite modern, with square architecture and lots of glass to let light in.IMG_6306

And of course, we found a whiskey shop. Well, more like a liquor store as it carried a huge variety of wines, spirits and liqueurs. But the whiskey selection was huge and included many specialty brands and years. The displays were fantastic and the entire shop was filled with dark wood, giving it a very classic look and feel. Sadly, a €150 bottle of whiskey wasn’t in the budget for this trip though.

After a nap, we went on a hunt for dinner. This time we headed towards the Red Light District to find a place so we could walk around that area afterwards. It was already getting late, so the timing was perfect. We dined at an Italian pizza place with pizza and salad, sitting outside to people watch and enjoy the lovely weather.

The remainder of the evening, we walked around before finally getting fed up with the mass crowds and headed to Koee for some build-your-own frozen yogurt. Delish!

Finally back to the hotel to relax and catch some Zzzzzz’s!