Anne Frank Haus


Another day in Amsterdam and there’s one big thing we hadn’t done yet. One of the main attractions in the city. The Anne Frank Haus. We tried to book tickets online before going, but even at a week and a half out they were sold out so we got stuck waiting along with the masses.

We got up extra early to get over there by 8, which ended up being closer to 8:30. Apparently everyone else had the same idea too. We got in line and started passing the time as best possible. The house opened at 9, and we got to the ticket booth/entrance around 10, which seemed reasonable given the number of people in line.

The house itself looks very understated from the outside; a brick building with dark green paint on the doors and trim and a small plaque marking it. Once inside, you walk through the factory part of the building, climbing some of the steepest stairs I have seen to get up to the living space. Along the way, there are several short videos and photos with the story and history of each room.

The bookcase that hid the living space was almost eery with how well it covered the small hole in the wall. The living area covered two floors and was left unfurnished per Otto Frank’s request when they opened it to the public. The lack of furniture in the space made it seem quite large, but given there were 8 people living there for 2 years without the ability to leave, it must have felt smaller and smaller by the minute.

The space was just as I pictured it whilst reading the book and watching the movie, and seeing it brought everything to life.

After our tour, it was about lunchtime and we were famished so we headed off to a well-known place in town called Crepes & Waffle for some proper dutch “pancakes” or crepes as we known them. We got the Spicy Mexican and the Egg Scramble, both of which were absolutely delicious.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with walking around along with a nap before dinner, which we were pretty excited for. We had come across this Argentinian/Mexican restaurant nearby and were itching to try it, so as soon as the first pang of hunger hit, we were on our way!

One side of the menu has dishes from Argentina and the other from Mexico, with more than enough to choose from. The final decision was enchiladas and chicken salad, which were pretty good, but not quite as authentic as we expected. Guess we’re just going to have to take a trip to Mexico one of these days.

Strolling the streets the remainder of the evening, we came across some live music on one of the bridges and stopped to people watch and listen.