Bath & Stonehenge

DSC_0231Holiday is nearly over, sadly, and it’s time to head back to London today. Back to reality, work, noise, and getting up early. Ew. But I guess those necessary evils are what make holidays so much more enjoyable.

To break up the drive home, we decided to make stops at Bath and Stonehenge, especially since we had a car and the freedom to do both on our own terms rather than around a tour coach schedule. And with the 18 degree(65ish Fahrenheit), sunny weather, it was the first glimpse of summer we had and all the more reason to spend the day outside. First up- Bath.

Home of the Roman Baths, as the name suggests, Bath’s City Centre is full of shopping, restaurants, and street entertainers. And with the ridiculous weather today, the streets were absolutely filled with people. It made the atmosphere that much better, too. Cheerful people walking around and enjoying an ice cream cone, kids laughing and playing…maybe summer isn’t all that far off after all! I better shut up about that before mother nature decides to change her mind.

Lunch was in Bath at the Real Italian Pizza Co., down a small street near the Cathedral. It was 13:30, and prime lunchtime as the place was packed. With full stomachs and rejuvenated legs, or as rejuvenated as they were going to get in my case, we made our way back towards the car, perusing the shops, streets and parks along the way.

Stop 2- Stonehenge. One of the most historic, puzzling, and famous landmarks in the UK. It’s a must-see for anyone living or visiting here it seems. And rightfully so, given the size of the stones on site, and the year in which it was formed. It would take some pretty heavy-duty cranes in this day and age to construct something like that, and they did it with bare hands back then.

My qualm with the place is that they take advantage of the demand, charging £17 per person for a quick bus ride up to the site and back. Oh, and an audio tour handheld, which they’re going to be charging extra for from next month. At least parking and toilets were free, for now at least. Anyways, rant over! The site was amazing, and the history behind how and why it was constructed took me back to my high school English course that had me write a full research paper on Celtic Mythology and Druid history. The topic was my choice, of course, as no high school teacher in their right mind would choose that topic for a full class to write on. That topic is one of my interests though, and I really enjoyed learning a bit more about it.

Once we were done there, it was time to start heading back to London. Which brings me to now, sitting in traffic on the M4, writing this post. See what we go through to experience these things and write about them for ya’ll? Oh wait, that’s right. We love it. Come join us on some of them! We love visitors!

Until the next adventure,