Berlin Food

As most everyone knows, our lives, holidays, nights out, just about everything revolves around food in some way. And with the various markets in Berlin and the Christmas spirit, what better time than now to experience some proper German beer and bratwurst? The fact that there is a Christmas market next to our hotel only supported this too. Perfect! Short walk, good food, great sights. Ahhh, this is the dream.

We just left our last lunch in Berlin to head for the airport,and reflecting back on all the places we stopped to eat made me realise just how much we were able to fit in on such a short trip. A few of the places we went deserve their own space and posts, but the others below are just as noteworthy.

IMG_4570Day 1. Recovery. After such an eventful experience just getting to Berlin, we needed a day to recuperate. Since the market was next door to the hotel and we just wanted to explore and experience the town a bit, we decided to grab a bite of proper German food there. After perusing all of the stalls, we came across a 1/2 metre bratwurst. And the decision was made for us. That night also garnered some all-you-can-eat ribs, but that, as stated earlier, definitely deserves its own post here.

IMG_4629Day 2. Christmas Eve. As with most places that are predominantly Christian, the majority of stores and restaurants were either closed or closed early on Christmas eve. This was to be expected. But what wasn’t expected was the extent of this in a large tourist area. So our Christmas eve dinner consisted of the only place open in the immediate area; A Chinese restaurant. There’s a first for everything, right?


Day 3. SANTA CAME! SANTA CAME! Merrrrrrrry Christmas! There was more open ON Christmas than there was Christmas eve. Go figure! Even the market was open. Makes no sense to me. Anyway, we had found a church for mass and it ended up being across the street from an American 60’s style diner. How appropriate!The mass, which ended up being in German even though the website suggested English, was still going when we left after an hour and a half. I pity those who stayed for the entire thing. We made our way over to the diner and had a lunch never to be forgotten. So much so that it warrants it’s own post, which you can read more about here, in A Route 66 Christmas.
Day 4. Kababs and Hamburger Mary’s. We went out for the day and stopped back off at the market for a snack along the way. Simple pork kebabs with seasoning in a bun. The bun was about the length of your hand, whilst the kebab was about 4 times longer which led me to believe that the bun was merely there to make holding the kebab easier. The food highlight of the day was Hamburger Mary’s though. This place was quirky, eccentric, modern, fun, and the list goes on. The restaurant is in the lobby of a hotel, with a very modern, clean style about it. The colours are bright and numerous, and the decor was that of a pinup girl. The menu had all sorts of classic american goodies on it from quesadillas to mac & cheese fried bites to loaded fries, and the topper? All sorts of burgers. BBQ Bacon, Hawaiian, jalapeño spicy, and the list goes on. Choose the burger, choose the meat, and choose your side. Build-your-own-meal. And the kicker? (No pun intended here) The bill comes to your table in a stiletto heeled shoe.

IMG_4709Day 5. The final day. We had to leave for the airport early-mid afternoon which didn’t leave all that much time for anything today, but we were still able to get to the burger restaurant Joe has been eyeing since we first got to Berlin. Jim Block, “Das Hamburger Original”. At first we thought it was a full restaurant, but afterlooking at it for a few days every time we walked past, we realised it was closer to a fast food place than anything, but still worth trying out! We headed there before going back to the hotel to get our things and head to the airport. Similar to Hamburger Mary’s, Jim Block offers all kinds of burgers, including a pulled beef and bbq option. Yep, you guessed it. That was the choice of the day!IMG_4711

Overall, I’d say this trip was a foodie’s success. Dontcha agree?