Birthday on the Beach

A year come and gone, a year just gone by.
A year full of laughter, another year to try.
We saw many places and travelled afar,
three continents around and many a bar.
An engagement and family, and air miles galore.
These are some of the things that we all live for.
It hasn’t been easy, that much I can say,
But when it comes down to the end of the day,
I couldn’t be happier than where I am now,
Even on days when I’m “having a cow”.
I owe each one of you a big thank you,
for sticking beside me like Elmers glue.
Without you I wouldn’t have done what I’ve done,
Seen so many places or laughed a whole ton.
I’m certainly no poet,
and I sure as hell know it.
So take it from me when I say thanks a million,
This damn thing took ages, and its far from vaudevillian.

This birthday in Tenerife has been nothing short of amazing. A long weekend off work, a gorgeous beach and weather, great company… I couldn’t ask for more. But then there was more. Parasailing off the coast of Tenerife really topped the day. The views were astounding, and the weather was absolutely perfect for it. Enough wind for a quick pick-up, but calm enough for it to be enjoyable and peaceful once up there. After a long walk back to the resort, with some breaks in the middle, we got cleaned up and de-salted for dinner. Yes, de-salted from the seawater, which, as much fun as it is to swim in, feels incredibly nasty once you dry off.

Dinner ended up at a Mongolian buffet down the road from the resort. Not somewhere I would have ever expected to end up at, but it was incredibly good. Made-to-order stir fry, with extra salads and sides to pick from at your choosing. By the time we left, it was late and drinks and cigars were way overdue. Drinks and vices in hand, and a deck of cards to keep busy, we headed out on the deck for a few hours until our eyelids couldn’t handle it any more. Or maybe it was my pride that couldn’t take it anymore after losing by so much.

Which leads me to now. Falling asleep typing this on our balcony where the only signs of wireless life exist. I like the disconnection though. Nice break from reality every once in a while, if only for a couple of days. Ah well. with that I sign off. Until next time.