Biscuit Ceramic Cafe

The weather is finally looking up! We’re supposed to hit the 20’s this week(or the 70’s for you US folk) and the people are starting to come out of hibernation. It’s days like these that I love the Cutty Sark and Greenwich area, as the atmosphere and park are gorgeous, and there’s endless people watching to be done.

Seeing as we spent yesterday lazing around and relaxing, today it was time to get out and enjoy some of the weather. Having been looking at the map for a restaurant Friday night, I noticed a place in the area that took me back to a childhood birthday party I had attended. A ceramic painting studio. A pick-out-and-paint-your-own piece of pottery place, with a built in cafe and bistro. Right next to Greenwich Market, it’s located in the heart of the tourist area and near the college park, leaving us with endless things to do for the day.

We got there early and it was pretty empty. We had the pick of the place, so we chose the sunny corner table, which later turned out to be an oven but I digress. We decided to work together on one thing instead of each doing our own, and chose our favourite. A Mini Cooper. Appropriate, right?

Now the hard part. What should it look like?? Thank you to Google images for this one. We knew we wanted to go with the typical flag on top, but we wanted to mix it up a bit. And being the OCD and traditional people we are, it was time to venture out and break free. But only a little… 🙂

The winning design- a British flag on top, an American flag on the front hood, and British racing green on the sides. Yeah, yeah, so maybe we didn’t go all-out crazy, but we were able to incorporate “a few of our favourite things”. And best of all, it’s a piggy bank, so we have somewhere to stash all of our leftover money from the various countries we’ve travelled to.

After leaving the hotbox corner, we headed for Greenwich Park and the University for a bit to lay in the sun and cool off. And people-watch of course.

The best part of all of it? It was all within walking distance of our flat. And people wonder why we love London.