The Imitation Game. Anyone who’s seen it, or know the history of Alan Turing, know the importance he and his invention had during the 20th century and into today. Having learned all about it during my MSc studies, The Imitation Game was a movie I had to see. The groundbreaking science and maths that took place during the war, and the significance it had on history are simply amazing. Had none of that taken place, we very well may all be speaking German right now.

Anywho, that isn’t the only influence all of that had on history. Looking at the technological advancements that have taken place since then, it’s hard to imagine a time when the foundations of it were just being discovered. 8k memory was considered massive? We can barely store one document on that. And a hard disk that has a 4ft diameter? The technology in that entire building still failed to match that of the tiny iPhone in our pockets.


The place went in order from oldest to newest, starting with the machines built there during the war to today, including all the game consoles, calculators, and other things that rely on the same technologies. It was a throwback being able to sit down and play the first versions of the Commodore 64, Pac Man, and more.

All set in the same building as everything took place in, it was a really neat experience. Apparently there’s an awesome park there as well but given the time of year and weather, another trip for that will be in order sometime.