This has been a long week. A very long week. And last week, Joe was in Ireland, which you can read about here. So we were due for a date night, badly. The original idea was to go to dinner and a movie, but Saturday was another day of work for me this weekend which meant no late night out. Likewise, we were due for an evening of catching up and putting us first, rather than staring at a screen. So that was that decided.

As per usual, I started looking at things to do, places to go, etc etc. But Joe had other ideas, and I was no longer allowed to plan. Hmm.

Right after work we headed out, I with no idea where we were off to and following along blindly. A short
walk later, we were there. Boisdales. One of the first places we ever went after Joe moved here, although one of their other, more convenient locations right on the wharf. And with significantly better views. Perfect date night idea.

For those who don’t know, Boisdales is known as a London staple for all things Cigar, Whisky, and Steak related. They have a wonderful choice of cigars in theirĀ in-house humidor, and a lovely heated cigar terrace, as well as indoor smoking lounge for those bitterly cold evenings. All of this is beside the large bar where you have a vast array of whiksy and spirits to choose from to accompany your cigar.

Our first venture to Boisdales was to the Belgravia location near Victoria station. An aged location that is quite warm, cozy, and homely. The ceilings are low, the dining room is quiet, and the overall location is quite small. The Canary Wharf location is quite theopposite, although still very romantic. It probably didn’t help that it was a Friday night either, which means the bar will be jam packed until at least midnight with business people drinking away their work week worries. This location is large, with high ceilings and very grand looking woodwork throughout. The downstairs bar is a massive semicircle that takes up half the floor, with views that overlook half of the wharf. The upstairs…well I’ll get to that later.

The humidor, located next to the downstairs bar, is a large, walk-in style closet with a cigar connesseur there to help guide you with your selection and answer any questions. We got drinks, made our cigar selections, found seats and settled in until our dinner reservations. Perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and talk. Just what the week had ordered up for us. An hour later it was reservation time and we headed upstairs.

The upstairs dining room is a large and specious open room, with a huge bar in the middle, and a round, gallery-style window overlooking the wharf with tables alongside. Being a two-person reservation, we got a table right next to the window. The view, the candle, and the lovely music made for the perfect evening atmosphere.

Dinner began with some of the best French Onion soup we’ve ever seen. Just the smell of it was to die for. Next up, Joe was finally able to get some much-deserved steak, seeing as he wasn’t able to get any in Dublin. And at quite a reasonable price compared to some of the other places we’ve been, like Goodmans and Hawksmoor. It may not be just as delicious, but if you can have it three times over for the same price as one time at the other places, I’d say it’s worth going three times instead. I digress. Dinner was wonderful, and as the evening came to a close, I didn’t want to leave. The view, the candlelight, and the conversation was just what we needed.