C4G 2015

Code For Good is one of my favourite events at work. Used as a recruitment event as well as for philanthropy, the event gives university students a chance to show their skills off to JP whilst helping charities accomplish something they really need. This year I had the opportunity to attend and help at not only the London event, but also the first Glasgow one.

The challenges at Glasgow were drastically different than those of London, focused more on the smaller community feel of the Glasgow and Scotland area rather than vast size of London and it’s huge population. The Glasgow office is a tech hub, and certainly shows it. The walls are writable, with dry erase markers everywhere, and different colours fill the office at every turn. There is no canteen like the London office, but there is a communal lunch area where people can congregate over their food and discuss whatever needs discussing. Appropriately, that is where we held the event.

The London office is one of our showcase buildings, making it another perfect location for the event, allowing us to show off the gorgeous facilities JP has. Each year, we take over the canteen and in-house Starbucks for the event, transforming it into a work area with team tables, retro games, a “genius bar” for employee volunteers, and so much more. There’s music playing and prizes along the way for the teams who have been the most active.

The university students who attend the event come from all over the country, and this year, some from outside it as well. There were some students from France among others, which made it a truly international event.

But it is not only the students who make the event so wonderful. There are many staff and volunteers who dedicate hundreds and thousands of hours to making this event successful, and if not for them, it wouldn’t be what it is today. They have done such an amazing job over the past few years, taking the first event and building on it each year to make it better and better.

From the sounds of it, this event is just going to keep expanding to new locations while getting bigger and better, and I can’t wait!