Classic Remise Berlin

Germany. The source of some of the best engineering the world is capable of producing. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, VW…and the list carries on. Being the car lovers that we are, going to Germany also meant trying to see some of the beauties that the country produces, and we found the perfect place. Classic Remise Berlin. A center for vintage, classic and new cars alike. A museum, consignment shop, and storage facility all in one place. And it was amazing.

The variety of cars, boats, and motorcycles that this place had was amazing. As we walked in, we were immediately greeted by a few 1950’s luxury cars as well as current, high-end sports cars. We sudddenly had a problem though. There were 3 aisles to choose from, and we didn’t know where to start. So many choices! We decided to begin with the right aisle to work our way around the perimiter first, and it was immediately apparent that we made the appropriate decision.

Remise not only houses cars, but also has a series of workshops for hire and the first one we came across was the American classic car shop. Everything was closed today due to the holidays, but with everything being glass we could still see inside the garages and the vehicles being worked on or that were on display. Mustangs, Chevy’s and more. It was Joe’s ideal heaven.

Across from the American shop was another dream store: Ferrari. And this wasn’t just an affiliate shop setup by someone, this was a proper corporate Ferrari showcase.

Moving along, we found a motorcycle shop and several vintage car displays before getting to the main warehouse and showcase. Here there were cars lining one wall in glass cases, stacked two high on car lifts. Opposite these were a series of shops and club fronts, and more cars parked two deep that anyone could walk among. The cars in the cases were what appeared to be storage for many of the auto owners who could not or did not want to store them at home. Most of these appeared to be extremely high-value cars, ranging anywhere from vintage to new. There was a classic red 1960’s Chevy that reminded me of the diner we had just been to yesterday, as well as a very rare Bentley that is probably worth millions (Of $, that is).

This is only a snapshot of what was on display at Classic Remise too. The place was huge! Definitely somewhere worth returning on another trip to Berlin someday.