Dublin Does Food

My first love, food. I can’t get enough of it. The thought of going to a restaurant is a similar feeling to that of a child on Christmas Eve night, imagining what treasures await him. The Irish are not known for their food. I suppose that once you drink as much as they do, by that time, anything tastes good. If you are looking for a city that is a mecca for great restaurants, Dublin is likely not your place.

However, of all the places I went, two of them surely stood out. A simple man with a simple pallet, they are themselves simple – burgers and barbeque. Bunsen is the first place I went to, and by far my favorite. I chose it because it had great reviews on Google, with respectable prices. I was the first to arrive. I was amazed to be greeted by a welcoming wait staff. This seems to not be the norm in Europe at all. I sit down, looking for a menu. Oh! There it is! It’s not so much a menu as it is a business card listing their extremely basic menu. Burger, double burger, cheese, sides. I actually found the menu quite charming and straight to the point. It gives the sense of ‘this is who we are. If you don’t like it, get out.’ I respect that.

They do not do much, but what they do – they do well. I of course ordered a double cheeseburger with Chips. They actually asked how I wanted it cooked; I haven’t heard that in a long time. When they brought it out, I was impressed with the size and the quality. The patties were very large (also not a norm for the UK) and seemed to be freshly prepared, not frozen pre-packed burgers. I had to force myself to slowly eat the burger, so I can enjoy it. The fries were very good; nothing special besides that they are deep fried potatoes…you don’t need much more than that.

The second place worth mentioning is somewhere I didn’t expect to see in Dublin…a BBQ place. Bri knows that when I see a sign for bbq, there will be little chance for me to choose anything else. I actually saw the place while on my morning run. It’s a good thing that I got in a good run because what I decided to order was what my mother would call “sinful.” BBQ places aren’t fair. They have all the best stuff that it makes it incredibly difficult to not order the entire menu. Fortunately at this place, they had a meat platter! Choose 3 out of 5 meats for 19 Euro, which comes with 2 sides. When each meat by itself costs about 14Euro, I believe that I made a wise financial decision in ordering the meat platter. Brisket, Ribs, and Pulled Pork were my meaty choices and mac and cheese and fries were my sides.

They brought the platter out in no time. Each meat stacked upon each other, like a mound of sexiness waiting to be ravished – and ravish I did. I started with the sides first, to get them out of the way so I can focus appropriately. Sides were fine, nothing to write home about – to be honest I wasn’t really paying attention and saw the sides as more of an obstacle to get to the meat. Each meat was perfectly cooked. BBQ can be tough to prepare. A lot of times I find that ribs aren’t tender enough, pulled pork too fatty, and brisket too dry. That was ot the case at Pitt Bro’s. Each of the meats were better than the last. All were accompanied by a really nice sauce. If there were room for improvement, it would be the ribs. The ribs themselves were great. However, the menu didn’t list choices of ribs. A lot of other places would list different sauces, rubs, etc. I am a rib snob, enjoy a really good dry rub. I didn’t see an option for this at Pitt Bro’s. Nonetheless it was a fantastic place with really good prices.