Easter Weekend

This weekend was a 4-day weekend for us here in the UK for the Easter holidays and we decided to make full use of it. Hiring a car, we decided to drive out to Swansea, Wales, with a few stops planned for the way there and back. Leaving this morning, later than planned, left us with a huge line at the rental place, which is alongside City Airport. They were the only ones with open hours over the holidays, but that also meant fighting the holiday crowds of people flying in and out of London.

By the time we got out of there, it was two hours past when we had originally planned, which for two planners, is a problem. And the traffic getting through, and eventually out of, London was just as bad. But we finally made it, and headed for Castle Combe, our lunch pit-stop.

Castle Combe is exactly what you would picture when you think of a British country town. Quaint little cottage homes, overgrown english gardens, and a huge, old stately home that’s since been made into a fancy hotel. Which, of course, is where we stopped for afternoon high tea. The inside of the hotel has been kept in much the same style as it would have historically been kept, with modern conveniences added but hidden from plain sight. Tea and sandwiches were at our table of choice, located anywhere throughout the common areas of the home on the ground floor. We chose a table next to the fire in the bar room, which also, appropriately so, housed the whisky cabinet.

An overcast day, we got what few minutes of sun there was to walk around the town before it started to drizzle and then rain. Our queue to head back to the car and make our way to Swansea, we did just that.

The remainder of the drive was much more enjoyable than that getting to Castle Combe, with little traffic and gorgeous views of the countryside. We finally arrived to the hotel around 7 tonight, bags in hand and ready to relax.

The Dragon Hotel, our home for the next few days, is in the centre of the town and within walking distance of nearly everything; the beach, restaurants, shopping, and more. Not to mention it has a gym, pool and sauna. Perfect for a long weekend getaway. I’m looking forward to the next couple days here.

Signing off for now,