Eggs in a Bell

We tried something new again. Surprise surprise! This time it was something Joe wanted to try doing that was a bit more on the creative presentation side rather than the food and flavour side.

Those of you with kids, or anyone who’s tried to cook food in various shapes know all about using cookie cutters for just about anything. Pancakes, pizza, you name it! We took the same idea and modified it a little for this one.

Seeing as we don’t have any cookie cutters here, or anything along those lines for that matter, it was time to put that creativity to use. We had bell peppers that needed using, as well as eggs.

Using the bell peppers, we sliced them width-wise instead of in strips so we could fill the centre, much like a
cookie cutter. Placing them in the pan, we cracked an egg into each one, added on spices on top, and let them cook on low-medium heat for about 10 minutes. Eggs usually don’t take that long but since the pepper keeps the egg from spreading out, it takes longer for it to cook all the way through. And that was it! Simple and delicious, with minimal mess and cleanup.