First Malta Day

Morning one in Malta, the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky. We’ve made it to heaven. Sure, it isn’t beach and bikini weather, but that’s certainly OK. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous and the room is huge, not to mention that is has a large porch with a table and chairs too. Must be a huge hit in summer time when the weather is warm.DSC_0132

Per our usual routine, we made our way down to the fitness room and pool, which fit the style of the hotel perfectly. The gym had multiple rooms and machines for many. There was even a separate spin studio and open room for classes that looked as though it could hold about 30 people. The pool was sized to match, with a dip pool across from the sauna and steam rooms when you walk in. The pool itself had a large area for anyone to swim and relax in, and dedicated space for those doing laps towards the back. The water was especially warm and inviting too.

IMG_5052Heading out for the day, we went back to the area we walked around a bit the night before looking for a shop and the way to the hotel. There were restaurants, bars, strip clubs, and everything in between there with cobblestone roads between. An area we decided to come back to that night to see what the nightlife was like. The plan for the day was to walk around the shoreline and see what was nearby. And off we went.

First stop was a little restaurant on the pavement overlooking the beach. With a menu containing all things British and American, and with British road signs on the walls, we had found the perfect little lunch spot to grab a quick bite before moving along. Nachos on the beach anyone?IMG_5059IMG_5056








Continuing along, there really wasn’t a large amount of commercial shopping or things to do where we were, but there were plenty of gorgeous coastline sights and little streets to explore. After a few hours, we decided it was time to head back and actually try the pool we had seen earlier before heading out for dinner reservations I had made. And throw a short nap in there too.

Even without super warm weather, Malta is growing on us by the minute. This island is absolutely beautiful and the people are incredibly nice. Let’s just hope tonights dinner is up to par too.

Until later…