Food Revelation

There are endless food markets in London and you can be sure that you will never go hungry, or get sick of the offerings. The pop-up revolution going on here is incredible as well. Food trucks line the plazas and streets at lunchtime during the week and invade the markets on the weekends where the masses keep coming back for more. For any aspiring chefs and bakers, this is the place to be. Several of them only work on the weekends so they can maintain a day job to help fund their startup. Brilliant if you ask me. But you didn’t, did you?

This evening we decided to stay local and check out the Street Feast Model Market in Lewisham, a short 15 minute walk or DLR ride from home. On a day as absolutely gorgeous as today, we chose to walk it. You don’t get many sunny, warm weekends like this one, and we wanted to make the most of it. Not to mention walk off a bit of what dinner was going to entail.

Lewisham Street Market had a huge offering of very American-style food, with some Mexican and Italian mixed in there. Over half of the pop-ups had some sort of BBQ on offer, along with Nachos, Tacos, Pizza, and freshly made fruit ice cream made right there in front of you. Ok, maybe the ice cream part wasn’t, but you could watch them mix in the fruit and blend it right there so you knew the fruit was fresh and healthy.
Our first stop was for a starter of Nachos from Club Mexicana. Loaded with beans, salsa, and guacamole, these were as close to proper Mexican nachos as you can get in the London/UK area. At least when compared to the various Mexican and Spanish-style restaurants we’ve visited in the past couple of years.

Next up was SmokeStak, offering proper BBQ ribs and brisket at a somewhat reasonable price. Served with onions, red peppers and sauce, the brisket was cooked to perfection. There was seating available at Smokestak as well, so we perched there to people-watch while enjoying the meal. The mix of people at these types of events is very diverse and entertaining when you actually sit back and watch them. Oh, and the number of incredibly pregnant women there…you couldn’t even count with fingers and toes. Which leads me to wonder what happened 8 or 9 months ago that forced people to stay inside? 🙂

If you’re ever in the Lewisham area in the Summertime on a Friday or Saturday and find yourself hungry- take a wander in here and check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.