Friday Night Lockouts

There’s a first for everything. This time it was getting locked out on your own balcony, 18 floors up.

I always wondered why our balcony door had a lock on it. Who could possibly make it up 18 stories, and even then, why would they? It’s not like we have much of any value that anyone would want. Now I understand that it’s partially a feeling of security, and makes sense given the wind and weather some days, but still. That, however, was not even the issue on this particular given evening.

After a tough day at work and a not-so-great sleep the night prior, we were pretty shattered by the end of the day. A 3 hour nap did the trick, and before making dinner we decided to have a sit on the balcony and catch up on the last few days happenings. I threw dinner in the oven and out we went. Simple, right?

Well, we chatted for a bit and then decided it was time to go in, check the food, and carry on. Until we realised the handle on the door had slipped a bit. Now this might warrant a bit of explaining on how our door works. It’s a sliding door, but with an additional setting that makes it possible for the door to lean inwards, but not open entirely. That setting leaves the bottom of the door latched, making it impossible for anyone outside to slide the door open. You can guess what happened to us.

We had slid the door close to shut, as we always do. However, this time, the handle slipped down and the door latched at the bottom. We were stuck. Good thing one of us always brings our phone with us outside. But who do you call?

Locked Out Face

Locked Out Face

I had thankfully taken a photo of the concierge sign when we first moved in so we could call them later regarding bike storage. Mobile reception in our flat is pretty terrible, so it took a few dials, but we finally got a hold of someone and lucky for us, they have a key to every flat in the building. 5 minutes later, we had someone there to rescue us! Too bad there wasn’t anyone to rescue the food though…

Turkey Meatballs

Turkey Meatballs; A bit overcooked


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