Goodbye Amsterdam!

Already time to go home? That went by way too quickly. Our final morning there, we hit the final restaurant we wanted to get to before leaving. Burgerfabriek. A build-your-own burger bar in the Red Light District. The inside had a very industrial style look, and we were the only ones there, which I guess could be seen as a good or bad thing. Maybe the food was horrible? Nahhh.

The burgers ended up being handmade, shaped right there in front of you with all fresh ingredients. Impressive. The fries came with mayo (in proper dutch fashion), ketchup, and a creamy garlic sauce. The burger had fresh mozzarella, salad, and a sourdough-style bun. For myself, a delicious cheese and chicken omelet with toast on the side. What can I say? I’m not much of one for burgers, and especially not in the morning.

It was about time to head to the airport after that, so we collected our bags from the hotel and headed across the bridge to Centraal Station to hop on the train to the airport. The trains here are incredibly nice, with large, plush chairs and plenty of leg room. And a very reasonable price too. Something like €5 each way to and from the airport. Then again, they pay taxes, and lots of them.

We made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. And then the flight was delayed. Another 2 hours. Murphy’s Law, right? But given the winds outside, that’s fine by me! I’ll be happy just to make it home, even if it’s a few hours late. The rest of the journey went smooth, and the weather back home is beautiful and sunny, just what we wanted!