On our most recent trip to ASDA (the UK version of Walmart; they even have the Rollback signs!) they had guacamole kits on offer. And being that avocado, done correctly, is very healthy for you, we decided to try it out.

The kit came with nearly everything necessary to make the dip, which was really convenient. To start, we Avocadocut up the avocado and removed the pit. Since everything was done by hand I removed the peel first and then cut it into pieces before mashing it, just to make the mashing part easier. I left that in Joe’s hands, and moved on to slicing the remaining red chilli pepper, onion, tomato, and coriander.


Once all of that was complete, I added the sliced, diced, and chopped veggies to the guacamole, and mixed it all together. To finish, we added some freshly squeezed lime juice, partly for flavour and party to keep the guacamole from turning brown.Red Chilli Pepper


We have been making a concerted effort to stay away from buying chips(or crisps as they’re referred to here) and so we needed to make something to have the guacamole with. Thankfully there were a few tortillas leftover from some burrito wraps we had made a night or two prior. Perfect for making your own healthy chips.

With a pizza cutter, I took the tortillas and sliced them into bite sized bits, laid them on a cookie sheet, and Limesput them in the oven on low heat so dehydrate them and make them crispy. To make them closer to store-bought chips but still healthy, we added some salt but forewent the butter. Result?


Guacamole! Nearly Ready