Halloween Hats

I love the holidays. Not the weather, but the holiday spirit and decorations and most of all…the baking! There are so many ideas and recipes out there, and not nearly enough time, money, or hungry friends and relatives to try them all. Most of you who know me, know that I love trying new things and experimenting with my recipes, so when I came across a photo of witch hat cookies, I knew I had to give it a shot. And this time around I had help!

And in the spirit of holiday baking and experimenting, this time around I’m just going to give the ingredients and a jist of how I did it, and let you all take it from there! I’m sure ya’ll get sick of my play-by-play sometimes anyway.

My ingredients:
Cupcake/Sponge Cake Mix of your choice
Orange Food Colouring
21 Carousel Ice Cream Cones
1Lg/2Sm Package(s) Chocolate Digestives/Biscuits/Cookies
300g Melting Chocolate
Vanilla Frosting
Black and Red Writing Gel

To start, make your batter. I chose to colour mine orange in light of the upcoming Halloween holiday. You could change it up and put brownie mix or pancake batter in the cones instead too. {TIP: given the style of cones this recipe calls for, make sure you think ahead about HOW you plan on baking the batter in them. We didn’t really consider that until it was time to pour it in and OOPS! Thankfully I’m dating a creative genius who came up with putting the cones in the oven rack. Worked like a charm!}

Pour the batter in the cones and bake until finished. Make sure you don’t fill them up much at all. They’ll expand, and you don’t want the batter above the top or else they won’t sit flat on the biscuit when you put them together.

Melt the chocolate, and once the cones are cool, pour over the outside of them. We had a small bit leftover, which I used to coat the other side of the biscuits.

As the chocolate cooled and dried, I added orange food colouring to the frosting and got ready to assemble.

Time to put the pieces together! Since the batter didn’t make the bottom of the cones flat, I didn’t frost the entire end. Instead, I piped frosting around the edge of the cone and placed them on top of the chocolate side of the biscuit. I then added a bit more frosting around the edge to seal it and make them look like one piece.

To top them off, a bit of writing icing to put a buckle on the orange frosting “belt” and the hats are finished!

Easy, right?