Happy Easter!


My legs hurt. A lot. More than after my last marathon. I know, you can only imagine. Getting out of bed today found me nearly crumpled on the floor when I realised my legs had officially gone on strike. After some exercise, stretching, and a hot shower, they had finally decided to at least move, albeit very slowly. The sun was shining bright and the temperature was a comfortable 16 degrees(that’s about 60F). Perfect for spending some time discovering Swansea and the coast.

The coast is a straight shot walk from the hotel, and we made our way, slowly, that direction. Along the way was the maritime museum along a small pier and harbour, where there just so happens to be a place called USA Nails. Cute.

Past this area and some new-build high-rise flats, we found the beach. Not warm enough to swim or get in the water, it was perfect weather for walking, picking up seashells and watching all the people with their dogs running amok. About halfway down there was a tall set of stairs where we stopped to take in the view and give my calves a bit of a rest. Some of our observations:

1) Jack, a little, appropriately-named, Jack Russell Terrier, is a very disobedient dog that refuses to come when his owner calls. Yet his owner seems to refuse to use a leash. Hmmm….

2) The man of the couple racing towards the water got schooled by his girlfriend/wife. Sucker. 🙂

3) The guy with the metal-detector didn’t have a very successful day

We started making our way back after the break, taking side streets throughout neighbourhoods this time. Swansea appears to be a rather blue-collar town, although it’s very neat and clean, and everywhere we went including the tiny run-down corner shop was full of very nice people. Once back to the centre square, we stopped by Swansea Castle, which we had seen from afar on our way out earlier. A very small building in the town centre, it was quite intact and made for the perfect backdrop for some Easter family FaceTime. We got a hold of a few people, which was really nice. Being away from family on holidays isn’t always the easiest, even when we’re in beautiful far-off places.

By now, my legs have had it and we headed back to the hotel for the sauna and a nap. And blogging, which you’re reading. That said, looks like it’s about time for dinner! More on that to come later!