Headed to Cornwall

I love bank holiday weekends, even if it’s the last one before Christmas and marks the end of summer. Our tour of the UK continued with a trip to Cornwall, a place we’ve wanted to go for ages and just haven’t had the time for the long drive. The demand for Cornwall is huge, especially on holiday weekends, so we had this booked ages ago and still went despite the recent turmoil with my eyes. If you don’t already know the story, you’re probably better off.

We wanted to make the most of the trip, so we left straight from work on Thursday and stopped overnight in Bristol to break up the 6 hour drive. That also meant a chance to grab burgers for National Burger Day(I love a good discount!) and meet up with an old friend for drinks. A short but enjoyable stay, we were off by 8am the next morning to get a head start on the traffic. Little did we know we’d still be sitting in a few hours of backups and construction.

Despite the traffic, we still had time to kill along the way for a few pit stops and sights. There’s no proper highways that far south, and most of the roads were two-lane(more like 1.5 lanes) country roads, which made us feel a lot better about hiring such a tiny little car for the trip. The bonus to that though was that we were able to drive through a bunch of tiny towns and find a few places to stop as we went along; towns that would never be seen from a motorway. Stop one was exactly that- a tiny pub in the middle of cow pastures and just about nothing else nearby. Perfect for some sun and drinks.

We made a quick drive-through of St. Ives, one of the most popular destinations in Cornwall and also one of the most jam-packed with people. We decided not to stop, as there was almost no parking and the number of people walking towards the beach suggested we might not be able to mosey around. So we headed for our flat and figured we would look around out the town before checkin.

Our flat was in St. Just, a small, centrally-located town near the coast with 4 pubs, a shop, and a Chinese place-and I think the Chinese place was the busiest place I’ve ever seen, possibly being the only one in Cornwall at this rate. A bookshop/cafe gave us a much-needed afternoon snack before we headed across the road to our home for the weekend. We’ve stayed in all sorts of places before, good, bad and ugly, but this one added “incredibly amazing” to the list. For less than a hotel cost, we had an entire flat with a kitchen, bedroom, and good-sized bathroom to ourselves, along with some outside seating. And the decor… It was the most adorably decorated place I’ve seen, and not a detail was left undone. If ever in Cornwall, let me know so we can get the details of this place to you. Highly recommended!

And that’s just the start of the trip. Just wait until you see what the next few days brought us. You can check it out here.