Headed to Malta

Seriously, Murphy’s Law and holidays have it out for us. Either that or karma decided that we’ve done some things worth punishing. Although I would have to ask on the latter. We’re on our way to Malta for the weekend, and being the planners that we are, most everything was packed and planned out well in advance. Except one thing. There’s always something.

We didn’t think to check that we had our two-together rail card for the train to the airport. That card means that any trips we take together, we get 1/3 off the price. Whilst not the end of the world, we booked the tickets online and were meant to arrive at London Bridge station with the idea of grabbing our tickets at the kiosk and going. But no. Now we had to go to the desk and talk to them about it, providing proof of the card receipt.

Not a huge deal, except that this was realised as Joe was getting on the DLR, and I was already at work with no way to look around at home for it. And of course the overarching concern of being late in case god forbid, anything else went wrong. And knowing our luck, something probably would. I did my best to describe all the various places the card might be, but no bananas. Ohhhhh well.

He finally leaves home to meet me on the Wharf, and I get stuck on a phone call, making us even later than we already were. But given how the last adventures have gone, we’ve learned to leave with plenty of time so that when these things happen, we still make it there OK.

Thankfully there was no line at London Bridge and the clerk was friendly, otherwise we may have lost it. Tickets in hand, we found the train and settled in for the short 30-minute journey. Yeah, that’s it. 30 minutes! If only there were more flights and routes out of Gatwick Airport.

Finding our way at the airport, getting checked in and through security, and then to the gate was surprisingly easy. I say this as we’re in the air; somethings bound to go awry now. Great.

Walking through to the gate though, the hallway lights flickered and went out for a brief 30 seconds, and flashbacks of Stansted Airport’s flight delays when travelling to Berlin started going through my mind. Power outage here too? At least we were already through security and all the major technical bits of the journey. Minus a faulty plane, that is. Oh no…

I’m going to stop while ahead. We’re well past halfway there, the sun is shining in the plane windows, andthings are going smoothly so far. Let’s just hope I didn’t jinx the trip by saying all of this.

Signing off,

The View from our Hotel