Headed to Prague

Have you ever run in an airport?  Let me rephrase. Have you ever nearly lost your pants showing the world your glory while holding your sandals in your hands sprinting towards a security checkpoint with the slight suspicion that you will be shot by security?  Well, I have.  And so we begin our venture to Prague. It began weeks ago when I pushed Bri to choose a location of her choice for a holiday away.  I can trust Bri with those decisions because she does her homework.  She will research online, network with people in the know, investigate attractions, restaurants…the whole package at an incredibly good price.  We ordered our easyjet tickets, booked our hotel and started daydreaming of a four day Easter weekend away from work.  The flight was scheduled to leave at 620. We left the flat at 2:15. Surely four hours would be sufficient time to make the flight.  Well then, mistake number one for these Damn Americans. We arrived via dlr and district lines to Victoria bus station on time at 330. The bus left and so the fun begins. The national express driver announces that due to the excessive travel for the Easter weekend that traffice delays should be expected. We cringed at the thought of what this would mean for us, but they had decided to remove most of the stops to ensure the quickest service to the airport.  Well played NatExpress.  Two hours later and 50 minutes prior to our flight, we began shitting ourselves as the driver announced that we were still roughly 30 minutes away from the airport. We both tried to console each other, that we should simply be happy to be on holiday and together.  We tried, we failed. As Bri put it, ” I rather be on holiday in Prague.”  No argument there. being the crisis management a planning sort of people we are, we began to plan for next steps.  Assessing the situation by tracking traffic patterns via google maps and flight status via flight tracker we quickly determined that we be screwed.  The plan.  Joe to collect the bags from the bus while Bri runs into the airport and checks us in.  We would have 20 minutes to make it through checking in,  security and gate.   We knew in our heart of hearts that only an act of God would allow us to make this flight.  I won’t lie, I prayed for a flight delay.  I prayed that dozens of people would have to wait because of a delayed plane just so we could start our holiday on time.  Well played God.  We check flight tracker, 16 minutes delayed.  Our 20 minute challenge turned into a 36 minute challenge. Still nearly impossible.  I continued to pray, almost taunting…”come on God, is that all you got?  Anyone can make the red sea part, I want to see some real results!”. Recheck flight tracker….57 minutes delayed.  That’s better, God…you ” da man.”