Headed to Virginia

I’ve been a bad Damn American the past several weeks and haven’t spent the time to update everyone, so here goes.

After all of the excitement a few weeks back, I had a couple of days of work before leaving to go back to the US for a few weeks. The first week was pleasure, and the second, work.

I flew out early Sunday morning, arriving mid-day Sunday in New York. I headed directly to Avis to get my reserved car and started the 7 hour drive south to Virginia. As I hit the door to go outside, the beating sun and heat was a welcome change from the chill and overcast I left behind. Such a welcome change! I can finally wear shorts for a few weeks!

The drive was uneventful, with the exception of stopping for gas(or petrol for you UK readers), which was$1.95/gallon. Mind. Blown. I haven’t seen prices below $2 in years! More than years, probably at least a decade! That made my day. I arrived late evening, with time for dinner and then grab some shut eye to make up for the travel and lack of sleep the last few days.

My parents, aunt, and uncle were planning on joining us on Friday and staying for the weekend. I fully intended to make the most of the days before they arrived, spending plenty of time with grandpa as well as some relaxing, not to mention shopping to stock up on the essentials that are cheaper there.

The week was pretty uneventful until Friday morning, when I finally got to meet the highly-spoken-about Becky Matthew and go for a hike with her and Uncle Mark up to McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail. We left early, around 6:30/7am, while the weather was still cool and the sun wasn’t glaring down. There were few people on the trail, which made it a very enjoyable and quite hike. We made it to the overlook around 10:30am, where Becky brought out a wonderful spread of breakfast and wine to dine on before making our way back down for a full brunch(check out the food post of the week here).

And then the family fun began. Stay tuned…