Heliot Steakhouse

There are few things that give me more satisfaction than eating.  It is an addiction.  However, unlike Alcohol or smoking or drugs for some – eating is essential to sustaining life.  If not kept in check the consequences of over indulging can be hazardous to your health.  Case in point – me ballooning to 320 Lbs, 200/100 Blood Pressure, pre-diabetic conditions, Size 48 pants, etc in 2012.

The weekly food pics that you see Bri post on FB or TDA used to be daily or twice daily occurrences in my previous life. I eat much healthier now and work out daily.  I dropped to roughly 180Lbs, normal Blood Pressure, and comfortable in size 34 pants.  Despite all of this, I still need to feed the monkey.  I still need those ridiculously sized or ridiculously calorie ridden meals.  However, instead of doing it twice a day, I may do it once a week.

Well,  this past weekend was a blowout.  As part of my traditional annual Bonus Payout dinner, I chose of course steak and scotch.  Boy oh boy did I choose steak and scotch.  I let Bri choose the venue. As if channeling Dr Jones, Bri chose……wisely.  Bri knows my requirements – Steak, and a lot of it.  She made her decision based on the fact the the menu categorised the steak by small, medium, and large.  A rule I have for this annual tradition is that cost and amounts are of no consequence.  It was clear that Bri knew this all too well when she suggested that I get two or three different large steaks.

So, not wanting to disappoint her, I did!  I started out with a few rounds of Talisker neat double Scotch’s.  This got me ready to make the important decision, the meat.  This was quite easy.  I ordered the 650 Gram T-Bone, the 500 Gram (arguably larger) Sirloin, Chips as
well as 3 sauces – Béarnaise, Garlic Butter, and Chefs Gravy.  The only dissatisfying part of the meal was the knife.  The steaks were cooked perfectly Medium Rare and the sauces were super duper.  Though not as good as Boisdale or Goodman – the price of the steaks were half, allowing more spending on Talisker and after dinner cigars.

With this place now in the books there’s a new ranking for steak joints in London – 1) Goodman 2) Boisdale 3) The Heliot Steakhouse at the Hippodrome 4) Hawksmoor.