Here’s Looking at you, Kid

First day in Casablanca and it’s already been an adventure. I slept in a bit since I had gotten to the hotel and to bed quite late last night, and woke up to the sun shining in the room and the waves crashing on the beach. Just how life should be.

Venturing downstairs and over to the spa, I discovered just how different the standards here are from the US, UK, and what few parts of Europe I’ve ventured to thus far. My hotel was meant to be one of the nicer places in town, with a spa and pool club connected, located right along the beach. And by Moroccan standards, it probably is. But there was a bird. In the gym. Yep, you read that right. Oh and the machines had special deliveries on them from the birds too. Ew.

8456372995_3a01f17705_bAfter a shower and rest, I made my way out to check out the area. There’s a new mall right around the corner that seemed to have everything in it; supermarket, retail, restaurants, you name it, they’ve got it. Not that I expected anything different, as I really didn’t know what to expect at all, but the shops there were surprisingly Americanised. And British, to be fair. As I walked in, I was greeted with American Eagle, H&M, Accessorize, and more.

Given the culture of the area, the fashion displayed in the shop windows surprised me too. For a country that values covered skin and modesty, the short-shorts, skirts, tops and other articles anfa-placeon display were rather surprising. That said, it’s a major city on a beach, and it’s a hot climate, so it’s understandable that these fashions would still hold. Just a bit surprising.

I spent a bit of the afternoon relaxing by the pool before heading back out to walk the promenade and watch the sun set over the ocean. The beach front is lined with clubs and restaurants, each one with a play space for kids and poolside lounging area for the adults. A gorgeous end to a warm, relaxing day.