Hippodrome Casino

There are a ton of places in London we haven’t checked out yet, so we decided to tackle another place on the list last night. This time we headed to the Hippodrome Casino for drinks, dinner, cigars and a little gambling. The occasion, an annual tradition, was bonus payout for Joe, which means a night out for steaks and whiskey with no price limit. This time around we paired it with a few other things for a full night out on the town. Dinner was great (you can read about it here), as expected from a steakhouse in a casino, but what surprised me was the rest of the place.

Situated in central London around Leicester Square, space is at a premium and the establishments are usually very small. But there’s always some charm hidden throughout, and tonight we found it. We went a bit before dinner to check out a few of the slots and have a drink. The downstairs bar is in the centre of the gambling floor with a wide selection of spirits to choose from, which we checked out first. Then, with some time to kill before our reservation, we looked for the slot machines with £5 in hand. Not much, but given that we only had 15 or 20 minutes, it was plenty. We even managed to turn that into £27 before dinner!

After dinner (which I’m sure you already read about…here) we went upstairs to the terrace where there’s another bar, cigars, and plenty of space to enjoy them both outside with surrounding heaters to keep warm. The terrace even has an additional floor with a spiral staircase leading to it, where we headed to get away from the noise.

As the evening wore on and it got a bit windier and chillier, it was time to head back inside and see what we could do about the £27 slot credit we had from earlier. As nice as the Hippodrome is, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that they need more slot machines. Arguably, it’s in one of the busiest areas of London, and it would make sense that the place fills up on a Saturday evening, but you could say the same about Vegas and you’re never pressed to find a machine there. Given that the tables had many empty seats here, they might want to reconsider the ratio of slots to tables, if they want to maximise people’s spend there.

Anyway! We managed to get 2 machines and play for another hour or so before deciding to quit while we were ahead. Walked out with £54 on a £5 investment. Nearly paid for the steaks! I guess if you’re going to go for a night out, this is the way to do it!