Holiday’s Almost Over

IMG_5137It’s our last full day here and the motivation to do anything is low. We woke up to the sun shining, relatively warm weather(a balmy 15C/60F), and exhausted legs from walking all over yesterday. So the plan was to stick around the immediate area, check out the nearby shopping centre, and relax as much as possible.

The shopping nearby is just past the local clubs and restaurants that we spent the last few nights at. It’s a neat covered outside area consisting of 3 stories with restaurants and coffee shops dispersed inbetween shops. We walked through some of the shops and grabbed some lunch before starting back towards the hotel.

IMG_5136Given the prices in Malta compared to those in London, it only made sense to make the most of it. So on the way back, I stopped for a massage while Joe went to the beach and then back to the hotel. An hour for only €35? Sure!

Today was a lazy do-nothing day, with only a nap planned for after I got back to the hotel. A great relaxing day before the end of a much-needed holiday.