Homemade Ribs and Chili Sauce

Making Ribs in a tiny London flat and no grill isn’t the easiest. Our oven doesn’t understand the concept of “temperature regulation” and tends to follow the one-temperature-fits-all mindset. Not to mention we don’t have a pot large enough to boil the ribs in cola first, etc etc. Everything going against us, yet we still conquered!

We made a dry rub for flavour, composed of garlic, paprika, cumin, brown sugar, salt, pepper and onion. After taking off the membrane and placing the ribs in their “boats” or tin foil wrapper bottoms, we put the seasoning on and added a pinch of water to the boat. Into the oven and fingers crossed!

The main goal of the day was a homemade chili sauce, of which the ingredients are nearly impossible to find. Britain doesn’t do “spicy” in the same way we think of it. Hot chili peppers are hard to come by in the shops so we had to venture out to Waitrose to do some specialty shopping first. Scotch Bonnets ended up being the hot pepper of choice for the day. This recipe also called for a carrot base rather than tomato, which I think we would change the next time we try it. Some onion, spices, then all blended together and voilà! A huge batch of chili sauce.

It isn’t as hot as we wanted it to be but the flavour is still delicious.