It’s Official!

It’s official!

I’ve been surprised. Beyond belief. As unexpected as it comes. Never in a million years did I expect this. And the story goes a bit like this…

We were “supposedly” going to a dinner for his work. Something that warranted a suit at least. And this said dinner was nearby Westminster. We were supposed to leave by 6ish, so I made sure all was OK with my boss and tried to get out a bit earlier than that so I could swing by for pre-drinks. That all went according to plan.

We left around 6 and headed to Westminster. Joe led the way, and with a minor wrong turn and 5 minute detour, we were finally on the right track. About a block away from this said dinner, we stopped so I could swap out of the walkable shoes into the painfully professional heels. (Oh yeah, I hate heels) Anyway, we were stopped on a corner with a gorgeous view of Westminster and even a horse drawn white carriage behind us. Not to mention a beautiful day!

As I stood up from swapping shoes, someone else got down on one knee. Nice suit and all, I might mention. (Really, who wants to ruin a suit knee?? But it’s worth it, right?) Oh yeah, and there’s no work dinner and the carriage is for us.


Yes. The answer is yes, yes, yes.

Surprise #1.

The carriage took us all over London. People were waving as we passed by and the entire ride was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for more. It dropped us off near St. Pauls Cathedral at One New Change, a local shopping centre with various restaurants and such. We had a few minutes before dinner reservations and we decided to walk around a bit. I swapped shoes(again), and noticed Joe looking past me as though he saw someone… I should have caught on to something but nope. I guess surprise will get the best of you.

We headed over to a centre square about a block away that had a small chapel and a restaurant, and then I saw who had been noticed earlier. One person, and then two, and then four! All four parents popped out of the chapel archway. Cue jaw drop.

“Oh, and you don’t have to work tomorrow.”

If there’s a record to be set for surprising the least surprisable person, I think it was just set.

Dinner was at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa, a deliciously fantastic restaurant with plenty to choose from. By the time we were finished, everyone was exhausted and we began the walk back to everyone’s hotels, walking past my old office for a view of it lit up at night.

Ok, you got me. You got me good this time. But just you wait… I have a few things of my own up my sleeve.