Kitchen Fires

Dinner is meant to be burnt sometimes…right? Kitchens are meant to be set on fire sometimes too, correct? Uhhhh….no.

Another night in the eventful cooking lives of ThoseDamnAmericans. What began as an innocent evening of dinner, a bit of work, and tv turned into a night of smoke detectors going off and airing out the flat. Oops.

After some drinks and spending some time at Starbucks after work, we came home to make dinner and relax a bit. I popped some chili hotdogs, broccoli, and cut up tortillas in the oven to bake, and carried on cleaning and getting things situated. Having been on low heat and that much in there, we knew it would take a while to bake. I caught the hot dogs and broccoli in perfect time, but the tortilla chips weren’t even close to being done. So I quickly popped the other food onto a plate and turned around to find the oven smoking. All of 60 seconds had passed in that time.

I opened the oven to see what was going on, and POOF! The room filled with smoke and the tortillas ignited, quickly to be engulfed in flames. Cue both smoke detectors to go off. I meant to do that….

The remainder of the evening was spent airing out the kitchen and oven, and even retrying some tortilla chips, which I kept a very, very close eye on this time. Happy to report that there were no tortilla casualties this time around!

This morning was a rude reminder of the evening before, walking into the kitchen and smelling the remains of the smoke that inhabited it the evening prior. Ah well, after this many years of cooking and baking, I was due a kitchen fire. And now I can cross it off the cooking bucket list.