Koh Lanta

Leg 2 of our Thai adventure and so far so good! We made our way from Phi Phi over to Koh Lanta today via ferry, arriving at the Lanta pier late afternoon. We went straight to the resort rather than check out the area, since they arranged for a transfer car to take us there as soon as we got in.

The resort is about 20 minutes drive from the pier, and the scenery along the way is rather humbling. The poverty, by our standards, was seen everywhere, but it doesn’t seem to be considered “poverty” by their standards. Given the climate of Lanta, and being located on an island with few resources, life seems to be a lot simpler. While it’s still a tourist destination, it isn’t a party spot and the type of people who visit here are much different from the young university-age kids we saw in Phi Phi. It’s obvious there aren’t as many bars, clubs, or party areas, but the island still has a lively feel.

We pulled into the resort and the beach was right in front of us, just asking for us to jump in. We checked in and got to our room, which is much larger than the last place, and has solid floors! As much as I loved the bamboo hut, 5 days of an uneven floor was enough. The bathroom was very different, with the toilet on one side, the shower in the middle, and the sink on the other, with the only way to the toilet being by walking across the shower. This resort has TV, but no wifi in the rooms, a complete difference from the last place but when in Thailand…right?

The room is right on the beach again, with a porch in front and sling-back chairs. The hotel has it’s own restaurant and bar, with a discount given to resort guests. Next to the bar is a fresh-water pool, a nice change from the salty sea water swimming.IMG_7927

The first order of business, just like every holiday, is to scope out the area and find somewhere for drinks and dinner. After a full day of travelling, it was about that time anyway. We left the resort and started walking down the road to see what was nearby and found a large shopping area with various other resorts and restaurants.

We ended up stopping at a bar that had happy hour drinks for 100Baht and a huge menu to choose from, with some free entertainment in the spelling we came across. After some satay, tacos(yes, they have “Maxican” food there!) and a salad, we were exhausted and headed back to the resort to relax on the porch a bit. 6 days here and a lot to see and do coming up!