Leftover Breakfast

Thanksgiving leftovers. A guarantee until the next massive meal at Christmas, which leads to even more leftovers until Easter’s big meal. I think summer may be the only time which we don’t continually eat the residuals from some holiday past. This year, I decided to put the leftovers to good use and made an un-traditional breakfast this morning to use things up. Stuffing waffles anyone?

This may have been the simplest breakfast I’ve ever made before. Our leftover stuffing was a tad bit dry from being chilled overnight, so I mixed in the small bit of remaining mashed potatoes and a bit of gravy, making a somewhat moist mix. I buttered the waffle iron, put some of the mix in, and voila! Since the mix is pretty heavy and thick, it takes a lot longer to cook than regular waffles, which left me with the perfect amount of time to get all the other food prepped and ready.

Leftover cranberries. What to do with these? These went into a pan on the stove, mixed with some maple syrup, heated up, and ready to go! And the main staple of all Thanksgivings past, present and future? TURKEY! The leftover slices went into a hot pan with oil and fried.

The final presentation of the morning? A waffle topped with fried turkey and cranberry syrup. And a reasonable-looking refrigerator. A win-win situation!







The breakfast was a hit, surprisingly. I was a bit worried as it was nowhere near my traditional breakfast, but it went over well! And while there’s still way too much Turkey left over, everything else is used up! Turkey pot pie or turkey soup anyone?