Local Haunts

 We’ve been trying to get out to a few more “round the corner” restaurants. You know, the ones that are some people’s hangout go-to, or are hidden on a off street but recommended by every local in the area. We’ve found a few that I figured I would compile and throw out there for everyone to check out.

The first one just so happens to be the closest one to our place, and we stare at it from the gym window every morning, so it’s only appropriate that we finally made our way there. It’s called The Golden Chippy, a small burger and fish & chips shop right up the street with outside seating. A burger and chicken fingers, with chips on the side, cost next to nothing, and the fresh, outdoors seating was well worth every pence. The waiter that brought the food out ended up being a really nice guy who studied in Virginia and had plenty to say about the US. Yep, that’s what us Damn Americans bring out in people.

Next up is a local bar and restaurant next to Lewisham Mall, about a 15 minute walk from home, called The Watch House. Part of the JDWetherspoon chain of bars throughout the UK, this place still retains it’s status as a local haunt. The inside is huge, with seating for well over 100 and an additional upstairs. It has a wide range of typical pub food, plus a selection of Mexican style foods, which was rather surprising. Surprise surprise, guess what the selection of the evening was? A burrito!

The last place is nowhere near home, and was actually an after-work affair with Joe’s colleagues that I joined in for. Tayyabs, a Punjabi place in the Whitechapel area, is a very well-known BYOB restaurant that has plates to share and build your own meals. Perfect for group outings. We went at the start of the week and the place was absolutely packed. I can only imagine what it’s like on a Friday or Saturday evening.

So, next time you’re in town, check one of these places out! You won’t be disappointed.