Malta Round 2


IMG_5098Malta is gorgeous. I don’t think I can say that enough. Just waking up to the sunlight and sound of the beach will make just about anyone want to move here. Our second morning just reiterated that further

IMG_5053Today was another full day of exploring and one heck of a long walk around the island. We ended up walking all throughout the residential area, finding back alleys and areas to walk around. The little shops on the side streets were a reminder of Italy and the towns we discovered there. The main difference I saw, however, was that the economy here is much better off. There’s spending money amongst the locals that Italians don’t seem to have, and the shops are much less touristy. There’s more construction and upgrade work than I expected to see, and the building standards are quite a bit higher. It seemed as though every street had some building being renovated or built.

The island is quite hilly and we ended up in a neighbourhood on top of a hill with amazing views of the sea. Housing prices seemed reasonable, but that’s coming from London where it’s ridiculously overpriced. There were some corner meat markets in the area that reminded me of a tiny Whole Foods Market too.

When we finally decided to turn around, we had just hit one of the major commercialised shopping and tourist areas just along the beach. Here it became quite obvious that this used to be a British country. All the same stores as we find on Oxford Street were there, along with the standard international ones like Nike. And even in off-peak season, the streets were packed with people. Not Oxford Circus packed, but still quite crowded.

We took some time to nap and recoup from the walk before heading back out for dinner at Badass Burgers, which Joe can elaborate on later. By the time we finished there, it was nearly half 9 and the night life was DSC_0138just getting started in town, so we headed back to the central area near our hotel to check things out a bit more. And things went from there.

I didn’t elaborate too much before, so I will now. I mentioned clubs and restaurants in the area, but by that I actually meant strip clubs, and lots of them. Basically every “club” here doubles as a strip club, and the streets are filled with…you guessed it! Mainly men. And of the women who are in attendance, let’s just say there’s no shortage of super-short black skin-tight dresses. Reminds me of my college days. Modesty? What’s that??

Most of the clubs charge a cover, and rightfully so. We decided at the start of the trip that we’d check one out, and on our walk around we came across a club that didn’t charge cover AND was offering 2 for 1 on drinks. SOLD. Of course, anybody that’s thinking straight knows there must be a reason there’s no cover and cheap drinks. But it’s holiday and considering it was free, why not? *shudder* Bad idea. Double whisky neat for Joe for E3 was great. The “dancers”/girls? Well, given that they were literally lined up sitting at the bar smoking and each taking turns going up on the stage and pole… Enough said. They were unattractive and literally just walked in circles. Must explain why we were the only ones in there. Seriously. The only ones.

IMG_5077As soon as the drink was drank, we were out of there. Right up the street was the same bar we had been to the night before with outside seating and shisha, so we headed there to do some more people watching and chatting. The weather was significantly better tonight than last night, and we made full use of it while we could. A few hours there and then back to the hotel to sink into bed for another lovely nights sleep.

Even with another day and a half left, I’m already dreading the return home. This place is simply amazing.


DSC_0141 IMG_5095