Meet Argentina

Ever go to a restaurant, look at a menu and want it all?  That happens nearly every time to me, but hold the fish.  Well, Bri surprised me with a place for dinner that accommodated my desire for copious amounts of meat and varieties galore – with no requirement of fish.  Scanning over the menu there were so many ‘I must consume that’ moments.  

Then, there is was.  If Im not mistaken I believe I saw a light shine on the menu pointing to a particular point on the menu, angels began to sing, I weeped.  What heavenly option was set before me?   One that consisted of a full steak, full pork loin, chicken breast, chorizo, and half rack of ribs.  There may have been a vegetable worked in there somewhere – but I can be bothered to remember it. I ordered, and believe the waiter gave me a ‘are you sure’ kind of look.  

Not only was I sure – I was 2 steps away from slapping him for doubting me and single handedly going into the kitchen and overseeing the operation.  I let it slide, and waited patiently at my table.  While talking to Bri, complimenting her on the venue selection and impressive ability to guess what I would order before even going to the place, I performed mental and physical exercises to prepare myself for what lie in my near future.  I see the waiter come towards the table with a tray.  My heart races as if on a roller coaster – the sound of the mans shoes to the floor mimicking the clicking sound of the coaster as it nears the peak.  

What happened over the next 20-30 minutes can only be described in simple words and adjectives – confused, ravenous, anger, sin, pleasure, satisfaction, bloating, crying, joy, sorrow.  The restaurant and especially the meal brought about emotional change within me at a spiritual level.  

Bravo Meet Argentina.  Bravo.