Mexican Lasagne


Happy Cinco de Mayo! It’s been a while, but Those Damn Americans cooking edition are back again and taking on Mexican Lasagna! A brilliant idea found on Facebook an adapted a bit to suit the ingredients available at the store and palate of ThoseDamnAmericans. Made with tortillas instead of lasagne sheets, the recipe still follows the traditional layers of carb, meat and cheese.

Since there isn’t a wide variety of Mexican food at the store, we had to made do with what we could find. The simple list:
Refried beans
Black beans
Ground Turkey
Chilli beef seasoning
Red onion
Cheese- Cheddar, since Mexican blend doesn’t exist here

We had a round pan which was perfect with the round tortillas. A bit of trimming around the edges made them fit perfectly. Spreading some of the refried beans on each tortilla first, we laid each down in the pan and sprinkled a bit of meat on top. Following the meat, we added a bit of onion, black beans, jalapeƱos, and cheese before adding another tortilla and repeating. By the time we filled the pan, we had four layers of cheesy, meaty goodness.