Mudchute Farm

London has so many hidden oasis’ to explore, and we recently discovered another one at Mudchute Farm on the Isle of Dogs. A small zoo amongst the chaos and towers of the city, tucked away behind trees and a walking trail. Originally we had planned to walk around the Canary Wharf area, but whilst walking over there we decided to take a detour and look around. We had walked along the trail once before, but only on one side of the farm.

As we walked in the farm and trail, we decided to take the trail the opposite direction this time. The first thing we came upon was a group of kids taking horseback riding lessons. Who would have thought that this would be in the middle of London?


From there, we followed the trail into the trees and decided to let it take us wherever it went. With nowhere to be and nothing planned, it was nice to just let go and let nature take over. The trail led us to the petting zoo where there were all sorts of animals. Goats, pigs, chickens, horses, and more. There were several families walking around with bags of carrots to feed the animals which was really neat to see. Many of the zoos I’ve been to recently no longer allow the public to feed the animals.

Goat Sheep

One of my favourites was the gigantic pig that was there. And when I say gigantic, I mean bigger than anything I’ve ever seen before, and probably three times my size. After looking around the main zoo area, we ventured along another one of the trails to a field with a couple of beautiful horses and another with sheep. Looking out at the pasture, you could see the bank buildings in the background, and the dynamic was breathtaking.

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