Time for a *new* recipe idea! No surprise there though. I love experimenting with new ideas when it comes to cooking and baking. This time, however, it was more out of necessity than anything.

Flats here often come furnished, which includes kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc, and ours in one of those. Included in that bunch is one frying pan, which makes it difficult if you want to make bacon AND pancakes at the same time. Sure, you could make bacon in the oven, but it just isn’t the same thing. Any bacon lovers are sure to agree. So that meant there was only one option. Find another way to cook the pancakes.

Looking through our kitchenware, there weren’t a whole lot of options, but there was a muffin tin. Perfect! Nobody wants to put pancake batter in a large cake pan, and you can’t very easily make them on a cookie sheet, but a muffin tin keeps the batter in, and cooks rather quickly. Perfect!

So I buttered the tin, poured in the batter, and threw them in the oven. Total experiment.

Nearly ready

Now, my pancakes are known for being extremely thick and fluffy, meaning that they rise a lot. This can be an issue when cooking in a small pan. Thankfully, the muff-cakes(as I will now refer to them) came out perfect, aside from the funky raised centre. Rather than raising equally on top, they had little peaks, much like you would expect when whipping eggs for a meringue. But fear not, they still taste the same!

Muffin Tin Pancakes

Experiment = success. The bacon and muff-cakes finished around the same time, and breakfast was a success! Now all I need to do is find a way to get the syrup in the middle of the muff-cakes whilst they bake and life will be perfect!


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