New Job

I officially started my new job today. And let me just tell you, this is going to be a challenge. A good one, but probably a long and frustrated one too. I’ve finally made the hop from my safety net of Java into the wild scripting world of Python. For those of you non-techies, no- I am not switching from coffee to snakes. Just very different coding languages and styles of programming.

The new position is located in our Bank Street, Canary Wharf location rather than where I was previously, on Victoria Embankment(VE). While VE is an amazing, new building, it was also a 45+ minute commute, whereas Bank Street makes the commute about 10 minutes. I can’t really argue with that. The floor is a lot louder, being sat between a mix of technologists and traders. There’s no shortage of excitement, banter, yelling, etc.

The new team and management is a significant change as well, with management all the was up the chain being development-heavy coders who sit alongside all of us doing the same things as everyone else, albeit a bit more paperwork and hours. The pace is much quicker as well, with problems that arise needing instant fixing with no minutes to spare. The team of people seem very friendly and open to helping though, which will be necessary for a while whilst I build up my Python skills and get acquainted with the business. I’ve definitely gotten lucky with this team though. Most would not be so understanding and patient with someone who’s just learning a new coding language.

It’s only been a day, so stay tuned for more on how it’s going. So far so good though! Only time will tell…

Signing off,