No Water

There’s never a shortage of excitement around here, and this latest one tops the list of random occurrences. It’s a Wednesday night and close to bed time. Joe’s gone to bed, and I’m about to close things up for the night as well. I decided to clean some things up and have some tea before bed, but when I go to turn on the water…there was nothing! Not even a drop. Bathroom, toilet, shower, nothing!

First things first. Yes, the water bill was paid. Those things don’t quite work the same way here at our flat. The bill is paid for multiple months at a time via direct debit, making it nearly impossible not to pay or have your water turned off. But even so, I called Thames Water just to check, and sure enough, we were in the green with them. My next check was off of the balcony to see if there was any local work going on that I could see. And once again, nothing.

By this point, I got my keys and headed downstairs to concierge. I knew as soon as I got in the lift that something was up. It was cold and smelled terrible. Beyond terrible, actually. And suspicions were confirmed when I reached the lobby. Water everywhere and a smell that would make sewer rats turn their heads and run from. Turns out the sewer line was completely blocked and back up into the building. Water was turned off with no ideas on when it would be turned back on. Great.

Being one of “Those Damn Americans” and overall genuinely interested in the way things work, I decided to stay downstairs and watch what was going on for a while. Since they had shut off water to not only our tower but also the surrounding, connected buildings, everyone was calling or coming down to concierge to find out what was going on. While the situation isn’t the most desirable, the side effects can be great sometimes. I ended up meeting all sorts of our neighbours, and even spent a decent amount of time with a group of them chatting.

There’s a Canadian on 19 and a PE teacher in the next building over. Several people in the building are night-time gym goers who, sadly, were out of a shower for the night. At this rate, I could just about do a full analytic report on the people of our building and their behaviours.

Long story short, water was back by the time we got home the next day, which was good. Hot water the next morning? Not-so-much. But hey, we have running water again. And the hot water came back by day’s end. Now let’s just hope this isn’t a recurring thing.