Today was our day to do a bit of Welsh coast exploration. Picking a place on the map, we headed for Oxwich, a small castle town about 30 minutes drive west/south-west of Swansea. The drive there led us through some of the most gorgeous homes of Swansea, right along the edge of the university and golf course. Once past the town limits, we had some of the best views of the coast and welsh countryside.

Once in Oxwich, it was a straight shot to the castle, which is located up a (painfully steep) hill. Thankfully we had the car to get us up there. The castle was from the 14th and 15th centuries, in ruins, but with enough left to be able to see how everyday life was there and what each area of the castle was used for.

Inside was a small exhibit on how the upper class and royalty there lived, with beds much like they would have had, and costumes similar to their everyday clothes that we tried on. For a tiny place in the middle of nowhere, the castle and exhibit were well kept.

Since parking there was free, we left the car and made our way down the hill. (Mistake of the day!) There was a walking trail about halfway down the hill, which wound through a nature preserve and forest area. On the map, the park went all the way through to the coast. We made it about halfway and decided to turn back, as it was nearly all uphill that direction, and still muddy from the previous days rain. The beach was visible from the forest, and we decided to make our way down there instead. (Another mistake.)

I shouldn’t call those mistakes, as they were amazing experiences. The beach was gorgeous and sunny, with a little cafe we stopped at for drinks, a sandwich, and some small talk. The mistake was walking down the hill. Because now it was time to go back UP. Whhhyyyyy?

We made it, and it wasn’t that horrible at the time, but only a few hours later and my calves are already in a lot of pain. This might be a long weekend ahead. But just wait until dinner tonight. Joe has no idea what he’s in store for yet…