Paris, the City of Love. When it isn’t overcast and freezing cold out. That really puts a damper on the sightseeing when you’re an on-foot kind of travelling couple. That didn’t stop us from getting our 16+ miles in during the weekend though!

We’ve been wanting to take the Eurostar to Paris the entire time we’ve lived here, but just never got around to it. Now that we’re heading back to the US, we had the motivation to go, and quickly. So we booked ourselves in for a weekend getaway, leaving straight from work on Friday night so we’d have the whole day Saturday to see the sights.

The hotel was located in a very quiet area with not much around, but it was directly in the middle of all the sights we wanted to see, which made things much easier for walking. Stop one was the Eiffel Tower, one of the most iconic monuments of Europe. Sure, there are older, famous structures in Europe, but when we thought about it a bit in more detail, what are the first landmarks that come to mind when one thinks of Europe? Eiffel Tower! Maybe Big Ben or London Bridge, but you rarely hear anyone mention the Colosseum or Stonehenge or the Leaning Tower of Pisa first. They’re in the list, but almost never at the top.

The line for tickets and to get in wasn’t horrible, but given how cold it was, it felt like forever. By the time we got to the lifts, we were shivering and welcomed the lukewarm 5 minutes out of the wind. We got tickets to the top, which was well worth the extra few Euros. The view from the top is breathtaking, and Paris really is one of the most gorgeous cities, in it’s own way. It’s very uniform in style and has a classic look, which Joe absolutely loved. I, on the other hand, still hold Prague at the top of my list for the most gorgeous cities ever. The lack of uniformity and the old gothic styles are just breathtaking. But I digress…

We stopped for coffee to warm up before heading on to the Grand Palais, Pyramide du Louvre, and Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, where apparently they were holding a free Italian service outside. The lines were several hours long to get in for both the Louve and Notre Dame, so we skipped going in. Instead, we took the long way home and stopped for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant along the way, people watching and talking about things we saw during the day.
Since we saw all of the main sights Saturday, we slept in Sunday and found a brunch buffet over by the Louve, where we spent the better part of the morning over a cuppa and delicious food. From there, we tried to walk off some of the stuffed feeling, before heading back to get the bags and head to the train. It’s such a short trip over to Paris, it’s no wonder people make the weekend trip all the time. A few days well spent with good company in the City of Love.