Photos on the Bus

We’re an exciting pair, as I’m sure you all are already aware of. The booze, parties, clubbing…we do it all on a regular basis. NOT.

We may not be your typical young, hipster, party-loving kids but we still know how to have fun! It’s just, our idea of fun is a little bit different. Nothing wrong with that, right?

This morning was a lazy and relaxed Saturday morning, filled with making breakfast and laying around. As
afternoon approached, we decided to part ways for a bit, as I headed to a cafe to get some things done and Joe headed to the Imperial War Museum that is FINALLY open again! More on that one later. The plan? Meet up afterwards for dinner.

And that we did. Meeting at the museum, we walked over to Vauxhall Station to go to Dirty Burger, a well known London establishment that is meant to have some of the best burgers in town according to TimeOut London. That has yet to be seen or tasted though.

Dirty Burger in Vauxhall is a tiny joint with seating for 15-20, conveniently located under one of the station arches and meant mainly for the stations’ numerous daily travellers. Arriving around 19:00 on a Saturday evening, the place was quiet except for a few couples enjoying a quick bite before moving on their way. It’s an order-at-the-counter-and-wait-for-your-number kind of place, but the wait is next to nothing. It took an excruciating 2 minutes to have our number called out. Yes, you read that right. They’re fast. Almost Jimmy John’s fast(for you Yanks who understand that reference, for others- YouTube it).

That kind of speed makes me wonder if they keep a backlog of burgers like McDonalds does, heating them up as they need. But regardless, the burger was good. Having recently been to Advisory which is also on the TimeOut website, Dirty Burger has a lot of competition and doesn’t quite compare. They win on speed, but not on taste or quality. Offering much the same menu as Advisory, there’s a bit of differentiation lacking here.

IMG_4083Back to the fun part though. “Wait, the food wasn’t the fun part??” you ask. Well, yes it was. But the even better bit was the 45 minute bus ride home that included taking a photo shoot and bad jokes, of which probably aren’t rated appropriately for this site.

So in retort we ask: Who needs all-night parties and clubbing to have a fun Saturday night?