Polish Eats


Polish food. Where to begin…

It really wasn’t all that different from any other place we’ve been. It’s becoming quite apparent that no matter where you travel, there is a variety of places to choose from, ranging from Chinese to Italian to none other than….American! We tried to reach a variety of places whilst there, and I think we did pretty well!

Evening #1 landed us at a place called Sphinx, right in the heart of Bydgoszcz. Although it’s a chain, it’s onlyIMG_7036 located throughout Poland so we didn’t feel quite so bad about it. The menu was extensive, with just about anything you could want available. Steaks, salads, burgers, pasta, etc. They have English versions of the menu available, which was appreciated, as neither of us know a lick of Polish. The waiter spoke English too, and was very accommodating. Apparently we got there just in time too. Just as our food was about to arrive, a large party of at least 15 people walked through the door. The decor inside was that of a jungle, and quite appropriate for the style of restaurant. It almost reminded me of a low-key Rainforest Cafe. Overall though, I’d say this was a successful dinner for our first night in Poland.

IMG_7050The next day was Joe’s birthday, which called for some celebration! We found a local restaurant around the corner and headed there for breakfast. Walking in, it looks like a country-style place, with wood floors and walls, and a mish-mash of decorations. The tables and chairs mismatched in a way that went perfectly together, and the ceiling was high, creating an open and inviting area. Service was first class, and the total bill for it all? No more than $24. Oh, and when we tried to tip, the machine wouldn’t take more that the equivalent of $4. Thankfully we had some cash on us as well.

Birthday dinner couldn’t come soon enough after brunch, with plans to go to Diner 52, an American style IMG_7060diner in the city centre. This place was decked out in American decor. American flags, confederate flags, a baseball-covered wall, Route 66 memorabilia, license plates, etc! The menu was too big to choose from, featuring burgers, Mexican fare, ribs, steaks, milkshakes…you name it and they had it! Joe had a birthday milkshake and a burger called the Diablo burger, meant to be very hot. Now since we’ve been living in London, we’ve learned that “hot” here means very mildly warm, and you might, if lucky, feel a little bite. So naturally, that was what he expected from this burger. Nope! That thing was spicy to top all spiciness. All the drinks in the world weren’t going to help the watering eyes and burning mouth that this burger caused. Even the McFlurry we got on the way back to the hotel made a minimal dent in the residual burn.

A few other notable places—

IMG_7129Bobby Burger. A great little place in the main square that features various burgers and salads that are large and come at very reasonable prices. The atmosphere in the restaurant is great, with a minimal warehouse-feel style. And on the last night, we went to Pizzeria Piratto, a local pizza place featuring a large outside seating area with tv’s for football and rugby games, and two entrances- one for the bar area and one with seating for the restaurant. Great food and very affordable by Poland standards, seeing as everything there was cheap to anyone coming from London.

Overall? A massive win.