Summer has finally hit the UK, with this past week having a day that hit 91f/32c. Unheard of in our part of the world. The trains were delayed, surprise surprise, and the newspapers were warning people to stay inside mid-day, which I find quite entertaining. Knowing all of this was coming last weekend, we decided to book a last minute weekend getaway to Portsmouth for the weekend in the hopes that the weather would still be as nice and we could see a bit of what else the UK has to offer.

We left after work on Friday straight from the office, arriving in Portsmouth around 8pm with plenty of time left before it got dark out. Right outside the station was a small square with a building that looked like City Hall and a group sitting outside watching opera singers on a large screen, much like our movies in the park back in Chicago. The peacefulness of the city was a much welcome change from the London parks that are brimming with people trying to soak up the sun and warmth before it disappears.

The hotel is less than a mile from the station and it was still nice out, so we decided to walk there, which allowed us to see some of the town along the way. After checking in and getting settled, we headed back out to the pier to walk along the water a bit, running into a restaurant called Mozzarella Joe’s along the way. We dipped our feet in the freezing water and called it a night, heading in to catch some Zzzz’s.